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Now, charities, causes & political campaigns can raise USDC funds while rewarding anyone who shares the campaign to their audience.

supercharge your campaign with npayme promote

  • Harness the Reach of your Supporters with Share & Earn
  • Access a Massive and Growing Market of Donors
  • Campaign with Control & Freedom – no middleman!
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Fundraising Twitter Card and npayme

how is npayme superior to other platforms?


npayme incentivizes virality and sharing on social media through your supporters

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Donations are made in Circle’s USDC, which is backed by BlackRock’s $30 Billion treasury and is widely accepted in US as the premier stable coin.

USDC and BlackRock


All USDC contributions to beneficiaries can be held in crypto wallets or with qualified custodians

NFT Wallet


Beneficiaries can then transfer USDC to cash or any cryptocurrency of their choice.

Cash stack

simple & turnkey – utilizing proven & compliant partners

Fundraising with npayme
power of web3

Now all your supporters can participate in your campaign’s success!

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Connecting your campaign with the 5.2 Billion Social Media Users Globally

why accept crypto contributions?

If you’re not actively fundraising crypto, you’re missing out on an enormous market…

$300 million

Donor potential

npayme share and earn

$7.4 trillion

stablecoin volume in 2022


crypto users represent the ideal donor


Average Income of crypto users


Average Donation Size


Average Crypto Donation v. Cash


Wealth transfer to demographic

the npayme network provides you with the tools to harness, incentivize, and reward your community in one turnkey experience

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