npayme is a revolutionary new way for creators to monetize their content and incentivize audiences to share your content, and earn with you!

Ignite a viral chain reaction of sharing and earning and reward your network for sharing your content and driving sales

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Whether you’re a musician, streamer or podcaster – npayme’s got you covered.

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With npayme, Creators can directly market and sell content, NFTs and memberships to their streams, media and events.
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Sell your content and art directly to your audience

Promote Your NFT Memberships with npayme Share & Earn

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Easily Raise Funds For Causes You Care About With Your Followers

Learn how to use npayme & NFT’s to promote and sell your content, mint and sell membership NFTs and more!

Leverage the channels you thrive in to ignite a viral chain reaction

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supercharge your reach

Unlock the full potential of your network and captivate audiences like never before. npayme uses Web3 technology to supercharge social media engagement!

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  • customized payouts

  • gamification goals

  • rewards & incentives

  • multiple recipients

  • customized access

activate 5.2 billion social media users with share & earn

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Join us in exploring how npayme can incentivize 5 billion social media users across the world to share your content.

  • Complete ownership & control of your listing on a decentralized platform
  • Reward your network for sharing your content & driving sales
  • Go Viral! Incentivize your audience to become an active participant in your success story

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