Join the npayme Airdrop Loyalty Program to Start Earning Points

npayme loyalty program how-to

How does it work?

It’s simple.

  1. Sign up to the npayme rewards platform and complete tasks to earn points
  2. Swap your points for rewards
  3. Each week there will be new tasks and opportunities to earn more points

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The more points you earn, the more airdrop you get!

Sample tasks include:

  • Like this tweet
  • Refer a friend
  • Follow @npayme_network
  • Earn for holding an NFT
  • Donate to an npayme fundraiser
  • Launch an npayme fundraising campaign
Loyalty Tiers

Start Earning Now!

npayme Loyalty Program

Once you sign up, complete tasks to earn points and swap your points for NFTs. 

More points = Access to higher tiered NFTs = Greater airdrop!

In the Discord channel, you’ll be given guidance directly from the team on how to complete tasks and maximize points.

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Why participate?
To get a chance to earn points, which can be swapped for a tiered NFTs that represent tiers in the airdrop. Earning points is easy. Be among the few top tier winners!

Do I need a wallet?
Yes, you’ll need a web3 wallet to connect to the npayme rewards platform.

How long is the loyalty program running?
We’re not sure how long the loyalty program will run. Get in now and get to the top-tier NFTs before it comes to a close.

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Want to create your own loyalty program?

Learn more about npayme Reward

The First Complete Web3 Platform for the Creator Economy!

Designed to work with Patreon, OnlyFans, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more

npayme Loyalty Program Features


  • npayme Promote: Peer-to-Peer fundraising/commerce, instant settlement & incentivizes virality
  • npayme Create: Creators have complete ownership and control over their content monetization
  • npayme Reward: Turnkey loyalty program with fully automated points and prizes
  • Seemless user adoption with social media logins (account abstraction)
  • Ability to create and sell membership passes, loyalty cards and digital media with build-in affiliate payouts and loyalty rewards
  • $NPAY utility and governance token that powers the npayme network and stakeholders
  • Currently live on the best tech: Ethereum, Polygon, zkSync Era and Base coming soon


  • npaymeDAO as a beacon of decentralized creativity, owned by its community and users
  • Empowering creators to thrive and connect with their audiences like never before
  • Ever-expanding permissionless and open source dApp suite
  • Leveraging Web2’s virality and Web3’s efficiency
  • Building a familiar experience for the next billion users
npayme Loyalty Program vision

Team & Partnerships

  • 30+ years of combined experience in blockchain development and marketing
  • Battle tested CEO with 5+ years experience in DeFi, Web3 and tokenization of RWA
  • Grew projects from startups to Fortune 100 Companies
  • Developed software and product strategy for MIT Media Labs, Lotus, Microsoft and Kodak
  • Founding Investor: COSIMO Ventures
  • Partnerships in place with Coinbase, BitGo, Moonpay and Circle